Welcome to our dedicated space for your well-being

With an area of 40 square meters, our room is equipped with quality Kettler devices to meet all your fitness needs. For your cardio sessions, make use of a treadmill and two stationary bikes, allowing you to customize your workout. The elliptical stepper adds an additional dimension to your routine, offering a variety of exercises to strengthen your endurance.

If you prefer strength training, two weight benches are at your disposal, complementing the full equipment of our gym. Regardless of your level or goals, our fitness room is designed to provide you with a complete fitness experience in an inspiring setting amidst nature.

Get ready to achieve your goals while enjoying the soothing view of the river.

After an invigorating session, relax in our infrared sauna, an oasis of soothing warmth that promotes muscle recovery and overall well-being.

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